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The creation of the logo and its typology

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A game, as well as a website, has an identity thanks to its name and its logo too. So, it was important to develop one from the beginning just after finding the name (read the article FirmLife: A difficult name to find). It was easy to find the theme for the logo: Steampunk environment. But, we had to find the originality which would be included to make the logo in the image of our game...

Typology and logo are one!

Indeed, we have tried to keep the name in our logo. We haven't chosen to use only one image because we considered it insignificant. As the name FirmLife is very transparent and it conveys the essential ideas of our game, we have preferred to retranscribe it in the logo and highlight it with an artistic touch.

First of all, we have searched for a typology we could use. After some research, we had to decide between these four choices below cons.

We have kept the 2nd because it suggests the idea of a factory with the "m" without needing to enhance it. Its characters are wide enough to customize them. Finally, the typology is simple and it was a choice because the originality had to come with the elements aroud letters.

Many tests

The final test is the one!

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