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Story of background

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Having shown you what the first characters of the game look like , we are going to go a little farther now. Today we will talk about our web site's background.

Indeed, using the characters to dress our web site is an idea, but it is necessary to integrate them into the universe!

We started with this idea: our background has to immerse every visitor in the universe of Firmlife as soon as they see the pages. Having already given a direction for the characters, it's now the time for the buildings. However, we did not want to set up the design of the companies which will be shown in game, we especially wanted to set up the general atmosphere of our game.We thus left on a "chiaroscuro" which will immerse you into our universe while giving free way to your imagination to visualize your future commercial empire. But enough beautiful words, see yourself, or rather imagine what could be the look of your companies in this world:

 The background was designed and integrated in aim to satisfy a maximum of screen resolutions. So, you will be in the atmosphere of Firmlife whatever your resolution is.

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