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FirmLife: A difficult name to find

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While we just wrote the basics of the game and were ready to start its development, there was still an important thing missing: the name of the game! Indeed, after all these meetings about the concept of the game we still didn't think about a name for it. Finding a good name is very important because it determines the game's identity. It's by this name that the players will call our game every day and it's this name they will tell to their friends. Thus, it's a very important step in a game conception, and that's what we still had to do!

The specifications

Finding a name is not always an easy task, mainly when we are hard to please! For this game, we wanted our name to follow several rules:

  • Simple to read
  • Simple to say
  • Easy to remember
  • Easy to write
  • Not ambiguous in its way of writing
  • Short
  • Reflect the business management side of the game
  • Reflect the steampunk universe side of the game
  • Composed of English words
  • Match the target age group
  • Beautiful

These are a lot of rules to follow and brains in ebullition during several days to find our name!

Unsuccessful researches

In a first time we tried to find words related to the business management:

strat, strategy, firm, sim, leader, market, corp, society, etc...

... and to the steampunk universe:

steam, gear, metal , mital, tech, technologic, mecha, mechanic, mechanical, etc...

... but we didn't find anything interesting by combining the words together. In some cases the word was too hard to pronounce, or had a too ambiguous writing (we couldn't know if we had to write an 'h' between 2 letters for instance). So we continued our researches to finally find a name!

The name we wanted

After all these unsuccessful researches, we had to widen them, it's then that someone gave us an idea: FirmLife ! It's true, the word life is not really related to the steampunk universe, but it brought another dimension we wanted for our game: being fun ! On the other side the word firm was a good representation of the business management, and when coupled to the word life we could have the business management in a playful and fun way and in a universe that will appeal and will come out of the ordinary!

So we found a name that followed all the rules we wanted except the one about the steampunk universe. However, the reflect of the steampunk universe side of the game is represented indirectly by the fact that the game is fun, and by its graphics!


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