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Results are important

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Hi everyone!

Everyone told you: results are important! Yes, in our world, it is important that each action we do has a result.

Guess what? In Steamcraaft's universe too!

You must be the best, and do be the best you must have results (good ones)!

At the and of each decision cycle a report will be sent to you. In this report you will be able to see your results, and you will need to analyze it carefully to improve yourself for the next cycles!

In addition to seeing your ranking compared to the other players, you will see information about each market in which you are present (for each product you sell in each zone in which you sell them). Of course these information are basic, otherwise it would be too easy.

Finally, you will see your income statement, you treasury details and our balance sheet for each cycle. Figures will be many for you to be able to understand where you can improve yourself!

Be good strategists and dominate your competitors!

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