Steampunk company management video game

Development has a great importance because Steamcraaft is a complex video game.

We will share with you some development information in this category.


Hi everyone!

Everyone told you: results are important! Yes, in our world, it is important that each action we do has a result.

Guess what? In Steamcraaft's universe too!


Need money

Go to the bank!

Steamcraaft's bank is very generous and will help you when you need money for yours projects or for your company to survive!

In this company management video game, bankruptcy exists, however you will see it coming because you will need to have funds under a certain negative level during several cycles to go bankrupt. You will tell me you have time...

However, as soon as you will have negative funds you will have fees to pay. Then, it would be better for you to have positive funds and it's the bank's job to help you with that...


Life insurance

"You have been the victim of an attack! Your agency just lost 10 products!!"

"You have been the victim of an earthquake! Your warehouse just lost a machine!!"

"You have been the victim of a hostage taking! Your agency just lost 15 products and an employee!!"

"You have been the victim of an intrusion of unhappy customers! Hopefully, the security system has foiled the attempt of intrusion."

"You have been the victim of a tornado! Hopefully, your building was solid enough to resist."

It's scary, right? This is just a sample of what can happen to you in Steamcraaft!

Steamcraaft's universe is not peaceful. You will need to improve your security systems and hire security agents to avoid these disasters.


Skills tree

Hi everyone!

Steamcraaft's development progresses! A big part of the development has just been finished: the skills tree.

As you already know, we want our video game to be very fun and we want the players to find game mechanics they like. Thus, there is a skills tree in this company management video game in which you are always at war against your competitors...


InternationalisationFirmLife is a game that will be available in several languages. This involves the modification of the language choice and of the web site content.

This work can be simplified for static contents if the engine used is good enough, however, when working with dynamic contents it is much more complicated, mainly when we want to keep a common database that does not change with the language.

In this article I will explain how we did to solve this issue and what the solutions we had were.


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